The Wet Bunker Shot

How to Play the Wet Bunker ShotThe Dreaded wet Bunker shot is something that sends shivers up the spine of most beginner golfers (and some experienced ones too!). The way you approach this shot ultimately determines your success. Firstly we need to understand what results you can achieve from a standard Sand Wedge and the preferred option for this shot – the Lob Wedge. The main use of the Sand wedge should be in dry sand as this develops a large amount of “Bounce” allowing the Sand Wedge to fully glide through the sand without digging in and also develop a large amount of backspin (if played correctly). The problem with wet sand is that the bounce that works so well in dry sand will work against you in this instance. The Sand Wedge will tend to skid across the surface causing you to “top or blade” the ball. We have all seen this with shots from wet bunkers and the result is you either come out of the bunker at a very shallow angle and the ball goes flying across the green – probably into another bunker or you hit the lip of the bunker and the ball rolls back to where you are stood, totally frustrating!

The key to the wet bunker shot is to use your Lob Wedge and fully commit to the shot, avoiding deceleration as you play through the ball. The beauty of the Lob Wedge is that it is developed with “little or no bounce” which, means the club will tend to dig in more in wet sand. The clubface should be opened slightly and as we have previously said - commit to the shot. Get this right and you will see a great result, with excellent backspin developed just as if you are playing the same shot in dry conditions with the traditional Sand Wedge.

As we can see the Lob Wedge can be a great tool for these types of shots – don’t be afraid of this, try it! The type of Lob wedge you use needs to suit your handicap level, ultimately giving you more confidence with these difficult shots.