Taylormade XFT Lob Wedge

Taylormade XFT Lob Wedge

The TaylorMade XFT wedges are the first wedges to have a fully exchangeable face to keep the grooves at ultimate performance what a fantastic idea! As we know, how the grooves perform directly affects the spin you develop from your club and this is never more evident than when using a Lob Wedge. Its simple when the grooves wear out, your performance suffers so change the face and youre back to ultimate performance. The XFT wedges have different lofts from 50 to 64 with a fantastic choice of 5 Lob Wedges at 58, 60 and 64 loft with varying bounce angles. Swing weight comes in at D5 for the Lob Wedges.

The XFT Lob Wedges offer greater choice than the Z TP wedges and would suit the high handicapper all the way through to the Tour professionals. TaylorMade recommend that the faces are changed up to twice a year for a top amateur and once for the occasional golfer. Tour professionals can be changing these once per week for peak performance!

Our View: A quality club that will suit varying handicaps. Rest easy with the knowledge that all key components in the make up of this club have been precision milled to ensure they meet exact specifications. Its fantastic that you can now change the face rather than the club! Choose a Lob Wedge from either 58 or 60 options for more flexibility.
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