Taylormade R7 Lob Wedge

Taylormade R7 Lob Wedge

The Taylormade R7 Lob wedge has been designed with a cavity back for players who are seeking a wedge that has a soft yet solid feel at impact but at the same time allowing some forgiveness for the shots that as amateurs we can all get wrong. Developed with the highly acclaimed R7 game improvement irons the Lob Wedge comes with a proprietary grip that uses hundreds of so called small “cells” that can deliver better feel and traction. The club head has a moderate amount of offset to help square it up at impact – we see this as a club that would suit the better or improving golfer. The R7 features an undercut channel on the club head which keeps the centre of gravity low and back which helps to increase the trajectory of the ball at impact, an excellent quality in a Lob Wedge. The back of the Club face incorporates an updated version of their Inverted Cone Technology which increases flexibility and delivers a spring like effect promoting a faster ball speed on mis-hits. The R7 Lob wedge looks fantastic in black and gold and oozes quality.

There is a tour preferred (TP) version of this Lob Wedge but this would only suit the lower handicappers who have greater consistency in their swing as there is very little forgiveness in this club.

Our View: The R7 Lob Wedge would suit players who want a club that is easy to hit, developing a high trajectory at impact with some forgiveness thrown in. There is a loft of 59°, standard bounce, a stiff steel shaft and a polished finish.
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