Ping Tour W Lob Wedge

Ping Tour Lob Wedge

According to Ping, the Tour-W Lob Wedge is designed for golfers seeking a high-performing, versatile option around the green. Its machined face and grooves combine with a compact, tear-drop head shape to improve control from any lie. A tungsten toe weight and small Custom Tuning Port increase the moment-of-inertia for forgiveness while enhancing club head feel. There are many loft and bounce options available for the Ping Tour-W Lob Wedge. The clubs as you would expect look fantastic and come mainly in one finish Brushed Silver Chrome but there are one or two options for Black Nickel Chrome finish as well. There are 3 thin sole option (TS) allowing you to match the Lob Wedge to your playing capabilities. The standard Lob Wedge Loft and bounce levels come in at 58 or 60 with a standard bounce of 8. There are options for 10 bounce for both lofts which delivers a more flexible performance and would be more forgiving to the mid range handicapper.

The thin sole options really are for the golfer who can control their shots as the bounce is fixed at 6 degrees with the 3 lofts available are 58, 60 and 64. As we know as the loft gets higher and the bounce angle gets lower the club becomes more difficult to hit and so more specialized. Length of the Lob Wedges come in at 35 inches with a swing weight of D6 making them slightly heavier than most of the wedges we have reviewed.

Our View: A well built wedge that would suit the advanced or progressing golfer.
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