Nike Victory Red Forged Lob Wedge

Nike Victory Red Lob wedge

The Nike Victory Red (VR) Forged Lob Wedges are certainly developed for the better golfer with Tiger Woods having direct input into the development of the wedges. They are part of the range that aided Tiger to some of his great victories including the US Open in 2008. They have fantastic classic looks whilst incorporating the new Nike “High Rev” grooves individually milled into the clubface to the maximum allowable tolerance of width and depth of groove. The VR Lob wedges will give you oodles of spin and control with a choice of club set up for loft and bounce to suit you as a player. The club is made from high grade 1025 carbon steel with the swing weight at D5 which lighter than the Nike SV Tour Lob Wedge but still has all the same attributes to provide consistent shot delivery around the greens The VR wedge comes with the S400 shaft as standard which matches the SV Tour in this respect. The heel grind allows the clubface to be opened more readily and play a variety of shots out of or over hazards. There are two High Sand wedge options at 58° loft and 6° or 10° bounce even so this still crosses over into the lob wedge range. We would certainly see the 6° set up as an option for playing out of a wet bunker where too much bounce can be your enemy. The Lob wedge options are at 60° loft with the same option of 6° or 10° bounce.

Our View: Nike, have really hit the mark here and they continue to be one of the leading manufacturers with many tour pros preferring their clubs. The Lob Wedge set up especially on the 6° bounce can help you get the ball up quickly from the tightest of lies. Highly recommended for the more accomplished golfer who have confidence in their swing.
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