Nike SV Tour Lob Wedge

Nike SV Tour Lob Wedge

The Nike SV Tour Lob Wedge has a Classic look and feel to the club. Its made from 8620 Carbon Steel which is 45% softer than standard 17-4 stainless steel which can only enhance the feel. The CNC milled Flat groove face provides a consistent result from the club face and thus more accurate shots. A great looking wedge offered in a Black satin or Forged Chrome finish. The Club head is heavy and comes in at a swing weight of D6. The weight in the Club head helps you keep the momentum going and get through the ball better when striking the ball, so its one less thing to worry about. The spin and control are excellent and if you have played with Nike Clubs before or are looking to invest in a different Lob wedge then you wont be disappointed by the SV Tour. This is a good solid all round Lob Wedge. Spec wise there is a what Nike call a High Sand Wedge at 58 loft with 10 bounce, which really fits in to the Lob Wedge category. There are 2 other Lob wedge options both at 64loft with 6 (RH only) or 10 bounce.

Our View: A Classic looking Lob Wedge that would suit golfers across the range of abilities but especially those looking for a big improvement in their game around the greens. Provides tons of spin and control and the heavy swing weight helps deliver more accurate shots.
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