Mizuno MPT-11 Lob Wedge

Mizuno MPT-11 Lob Wedge

The Mizuno MPT-11 Lob Wedges have been developed to meet the new Groove regulations that will become standard for all Lob Wedges manufactured and distributed from 1st January 2011. These regulations were introduced on the Professional Tour in 2010 which left the MPT-10 wedges non-conforming for Professional Tournaments with the Condition of Competition. As per the MPT-10 wedges, the heads on the MPT-11have a grain flow Forged construction (from a single piece of 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet). The Lob Wedges really are aimed at the Low to Mid Handicapper and Mizuno offer other wedges in their range for the higher handicapper. They are available in two finishes, Two Tone White Satin and Black Nickel. Either finish is low glare to aid the all important focus when addressing the ball. The Lob wedge options and there are four of them deliver Loft and Bounce as follows: 58 (10), 60 (5), 60 (8) and 64 (7). The set up of these options confirm that Mizuno are again aiming at the more accomplished player with these Lob Wedges.

Where Mizuno have took the lead with the development of the MPT-11 wedges is to address the area of the half shot or partial strike where the ball does not fully compress, this is where you need to generate more traction to deliver more spin. For clubs in the Lob Wedge range a wider and shallower version of the quad cut groove is used to achieve this. Wedges with a loft of 50-54
have a narrower and deeper groove set up which makes better use of the ball compression that occurs on fuller strikes. The compact Teardrop head has a 360 grind allowing you to open the clubface whilst keeping the leading edge close to the ground enabling a variety of shots around the green.

Our View: Mizuno have built on the success of the original MPT-10 Lob Wedges with this new design of a high quality forged Lob Wedge. They are aimed at the lower handicapper promoting consistency and accuracy around the greens. As per the MPT-10 Lob Wedges, the low bounce on the higher lofts means that swing consistency is important with little or no forgiveness if you get things slightly wrong.

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