Mizuno MPR Lob Wedge

Mizuno MPR Lob Wedge
The Mizuno MPR Lob Wedges were first introduced in 2007 and are aimed at the mid to high handicapper. They combine a Classic round club head shape with the Workshop-Grind sole design to deliver a well balanced, versatile wedge that can be used for a variety of shots around the green. The club head follows the same manufacturing process as the MPT Lob Wedges using Grain Flow Forged highest grade 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel. There is great concentration on producing precision milled grooves in the club face which in turn help divert debris away from away from the contact point when striking the ball. The better the contact then the higher the spin developed and the more confident you can feel with the difficult shots around the green. There are three options for the loft of the MPT Lob Wedges 58 (10 bounce, R/H only), 60 (9 bounce) and 60 (5bounce, R/H only).
The key to the use of these Lob Wedges is to choose a set up that suits your game and ability remembering that the higher the loft and lower the bounce, the more difficult it will be to strike the ball consistently. The 58
or 60
options with higher bounce will be more versatile and forgiving to higher handicappers. The Black Nickel finish can help reduce glare when addressing the ball and keep you focused on the task in hand. This finish is softer than the standard chrome set up which can deliver extra spin and a better feel whilst offering some protection against rusting a good attribute for year round UK golf.
Our View: A Quality forged Lob Wedge option for the Mid to Higher handicapper who has a more consistent swing. Choosing a lob wedge option with a higher bounce will help make this easier to live with and deliver more consistency around the greens. *The lower handicap golfer should also consider the Mizuno MPT Lob Wedge.

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