MD Seve Icon Pedrena Lob Wedge

Seve Icon Pedrena Lob wedge

Another one of the wedges in the Seve Icon range is the Pedrena Lob Wedge. The Lob Wedge is named after his hometown where Seve originally perfected his short game. Within this review we will talk about another Lob Wedge within the Icon range which is the San Roque. This has been developed using a similar concept to the Pedrena Lob Wedge. Both of these wedges look fantastic and have great balance. This has been achieved by firstly removing weight from the sole to produce what MD call a “thumbprint effect” and also to reduce resistance. To balance out the centre of gravity the same amount of metal has been removed from the top of the club through a unique bevel, delivering perfect balance. The Pedrena comes in dark gunmetal which reduces glare and helps you focus when addressing the ball and produce the green seeking shots we all look for in a Lob Wedge. The Pedrena Lob Wedge is available in 58° and 60° with 2 more lofts at 52° and 56° for Gap and Sand Wedge.

The San Roque has been developed with a high bounce of 14° making it perfect for Bermuda Grass and damp course conditions. The Lob Wedge loft has one option at 60° with 52° and 56° for Gap and Sand Wedge within the full range, bounce is consistent throughout. Choose the Pedrena where you will be regularly playing on Damp courses (sounds like the UK!). The wedge has a light satin finish for great looks.

Our View: Both the Pedrena and San Roque are highly recommended for Golfers of all Handicaps. They look fantastic and offer great balance. They are manufactured with a Dynalite Steel Shaft and both wedges haves Seve’s name sandblasted into the cavity.
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