How To Hit A Lob Wedge

How To Hit A Lob Wedge

Quite simply, the “Lob Wedge” is the most lofted club you would have in your Golf Bag. It is particularly useful for hitting high shots over hazards such as bunkers (especially around the green) and of course the dreaded water hazards. As time has moved on and pin placement has become tighter on a lot of courses, the Lob Wedge has become an essential tool for most golfers including beginners. The loft on a Lob Wedge can range from 58 to 64 degrees although lofts above 61 degrees are seldom seen as the higher the loft, the more difficult it is to hit the ball correctly.

Typically the average golfer would have a loft of around 58/60 degrees on a Lob Wedge.

The “Bounce Angle” on a Lob Wedge is very important as the higher this number, the less the likelihood that the club will “dig” into the ground, choose one that is relevant to your shot capabilities. Choosing a Lob Wedge with a bounce angle of around 10 degrees will give you a good base to start from. It also sits below the bounce angle you get from a Sand Wedge thus giving you more flexibility in tight lies. The smaller the bounce angle, the bigger the divot you take.

Confidence and practice are the keys to hitting a Lob Wedge correctly. You have to commit to the shot and ensure that you accelerate through the ball. Some other tips on this are as follows:

  • Play the ball from the middle of your stance ensuring you have a good well balanced base enabling even weight distribution.
  • Use a three quarter back swing and don’t forget to accelerate through the ball when playing this shot ensuring your wrists “don’t break” and your hands will lead the Club head through the ball.

Practice makes perfect with this shot and there is no greater feeling when you have the confidence to hit what is a tricky shot around the green with great results. With practice the Lob Wedge will help you lower your handicap and can give you more options for shots around the green including the challenging