Cleveland CG15 Lob Wedge

Cleveland CG15 Lob Wedge
The Cleveland CG15 Lob Wedges have been designed to have the flexibility to be used by Golfers of all abilities*. Cleveland, have used the same “Zip Grooves” as in the successful CG12 version but also incorporated a Patented Laser Milled Technology to develop even more spin and control. Each groove on the Club face is milled to the maximum dimensions (width and depth) allowed by the USGA. For the advanced player/professional Tour Zip Grooves are available as an option. The S Shaped sole design is an adaptation of the successful C shaped sole and delivers a constant sole width from the heel area to the centre of the sole for improved bunker shot performance where the Lob Wedge is your preferred option. Material is also removed from the trailing edge of the toe section to help the club move more smoothly through any rough you may be playing from. As with any Lob wedge, the key here is to get the maximum ball to clubface friction, Cleveland have achieved this by milling 4 calibrated texture lines between each groove, the better the contact, the more spin and consistency you develop. There’s even a DSG (Dynamic Sole Grind) version which would only be recommended for advanced players as this plays like a super-low bounce wedge.

There 3 finishes, Black Pearl, Satin Chrome and Oil Quench which are all designed to reduce glare when addressing the ball. There are low, medium and high bounce versions and these are easily identified by the one, two or three dots on the Club head. Loft options are 58°, 60°, 62° and 64° (8°, 12° or 14° bounce options). The DSG version has the Oil Quench finish with the same loft options but a standard low bounce of 6°.

Our View: Once again Cleveland are leading the way in groove design. They have introduced a new patented process to improve the performance over the much loved CG12 design. The options in loft and bounce mean the Lob Wedges can be used by Golfers of all abilities. *As always remember to pick a loft and bounce combination that suits your game. We would recommend that the DSG version should be left to the more advanced golfers due to the Low Bounce incorporated as standard.
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