Callaway X Series Jaws Lob Wedge

Callaway X Series Jaws Lob Wedge

Straight away the name “Jaws Lob Wedges” create an aggressive image in your mind, certainly great white sharks are no pussy cats and neither are these wedges! If you are a lower handicap player looking for outright aggression in your approach shots around the green then these wedges could be for you. Just like the X Forged Wedges, the build quality is second to none. Callaway have used a Triple Net Forging process which giving excellent construction consistency. This combined with the 1020 Carbon Steel enhances the touch and feel around the greens. You have Mack Daddy grooves on the club face providing masses of spin allowing you to be more aggressive from even the most difficult of lies. The C Grind sole allows you to open up the club face and keep the leading edge close to the ground allowing you to flip the ball up from the tightest of lies and play many different shots around the green. 

These Lob Wedges have loft options of 58° (13° bounce), 60° (13°) and 64° (12°, RH only) and are available in a Soft Milky Chrome or a Dark Vintage finish. There is little difference in bounce angles (12° or 13°) but you have a significant jump in loft from 60° (13°) to 64° (12°). Your consideration should be how confident you are using a club with such a high loft as the higher the loft, the more difficult it is to hit consistently good shots (among amateurs). There’s a choice of steel or graphite shafts depending on your club preference. The swing weight for the graphite shafts comes in at D2 while the steel shafts are D4.

Our View – Beautifully made wedges that would suit the lower handicapper or the improving golfer who has confidence in his swing consistency allowing him to get the best out these clubs around and approaching the greens.
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