Watson Lob Wedge

Adama Tom Watson Lob wedge

The Watson Lob wedges from Adams come in a choice of either Classic Chrome Finish or a Premium oil Can finish. Adam's say there is a proven combination of performance and style in the design of these wedges. From shaping to sole grinds, every aspect of these wedges meets the demanding standards of eight-time Major winner and one of golf's greatest wedge players - Tom Watson.

The Lob wedge has been designed with the maximum groove volume and teardrop shape. The club has a 60° loft, 64°lie, Bounce angle of 8° and the length is 35 inches. The teardrop shape of the Lob wedges and stainless steel construction helps shift the center of gravity deeper so aiding more control over the distance of the shot. Club’s are simple to hit with closed or open clubface. There is a generous sole width which help prevents digging into the ground and therefore helping to avoid the “Fat” shot from tight lies. The Oil can wedge helps to reduce glare and aid focus to deliver the shot's time and time again. Swing weight of the Lob Wedge is at a medium level and comes in at D4. Our view: A classic design that looks excellent and would suit the more accomplished golfer due to the lower bounce angle.

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